Svanøybukt butikk kro pub gjestehavn

Svanøy Kro

At Svanøy Kro you can enjoy local food and drinks in an informal atmosphere with a view of Svanøy harbour. We host a variety of events throughout the year, keep up with our facebook page.

Tlf: +47 479 04 399


Svanøy Handel

Svanøy Handel is a small shop with a rich selection. You'll find everything from gluten free spaghetti to fishing rods, and products from Norsk Hjortesenter and Svanøy Røykeri.

Tlf: +47 577 40 029



The marina in Svanøybukt has electric outlets and water right on the floating dock. In the 24-hour service building you'll find toilets, showers, a washing machine and a tumbledryer.
Free wi-fi at Svanøy Kro.


Docking fee
under 30 foot: kr 120,-
30 -40 foot: kr 140,-
over 40 foot: kr 170
electricity: kr 40,-



A modern flat above above Svanøy Handel. There are two bedrooms with one double and one single bed in each, a fully equipped kitchen, internet and a spacious veranda with a view of the bay.


Bike rental

We currently don't have any bikes.

1 hour kr 25,-
1 day kr 150,-

Discover Svanøy!

Norsk Hjortesenter -A national centre of knowledge for developing deer as a resource. In the deer park you may come in close contact with reed deer, and will learn more about them by taking part on our guided tour.

Norsk Hjortesenter Svanøy

Galleri Svanøe -The art gallery is open most of the summer and by appointment. If you have any questions, please contact Bjarne Svanøe +47 905 08 773.

Galleri Svanøe

Svanøy Hovedgård -Svanøy Estate Manor was owned by Bjørgvin bishop until the Reformation, upon which it became crown lands until 1662. The buildings were listed in 1924. Directly opposite the main farm is a graveyard with its large stone cross, dating back to ca. 1000 and one of four featuring runes in Norway. The manor is now used for events and accomodation by appointment.

Svanøy Hovedgård

Svanøy Røykeri -Traditional cold smoked salmon. Recipes with juniper and local herbs give the salmon its unique and exquisitely mild flavour.


The island has many great hiking trails.
Pop by the shop for a free map!